Monday, March 8, 2010

What happened to the saying "And the Oscar Goes to..."?

Just a quick posting how I noticed immediately that the announcer's for each of the Oscar categories never said "And the Oscar goes to....".

Yes the detail-oriented marketing pro in me said "Why the generic, 'and the winner is...'"? It's the OSCAR for goodness sake--the highest achievement in the acting, directing, and production of films!

Did this start last year which I missed from taking care of a sick child in the Emergency Room? Or did 2010 mark a new decade of "let's see how we can change things up"? Or is it now politically incorrect to say "Oscar"?

A quick Google search resulted in a dead end. Does anyone know?

For some strange reason, I would really like to know why! If you have the answer, please click on "Comments" below.