Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Barbara Walters Loses her Twitter Virginity

It was one of those rare occasions where I had the television turned on while I was cleaning the house and heard a topic that struck me, so I stopped to sit on the sofa and watch this segment on THE VIEW. The topic was Twitter and Barbara Walters decided to join another realm of social media. Click here to view the entire clip on ABC.

Which means--Christine will have to join. As a hum-drum housewife, my life is no where near as exciting as a single woman in Miami. I love my life as mother and wife in Minnesota but I'll leave the social media spotlight to the media darling--my blog sister Christine.

So what is Twitter? Twitter is like a micro website or blog site where you have a profile. Anytime you post to it, normally people say what they are doing, it automatically gets sent to your "followers". Those followers can be restricted to your friends and family or you can allow the entire world to read about you.

Twitter is also referred to as texting on Internet. You can also connect it to your Blackberry and "tweet" ( the verb). The purpose? Well if you are a celebrity, or famous or want to be famous, then this is the social medium for fans and others to follow you.

Should Barbara Walters join Twitter? Absolutely. As a media figure, if she wants to increase her profile, her viewers, and show ratings, Twitter is another important dimension to add to her repetoire.