Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Choosing your Blackberry over Spouse in the Bedroom?

In skimming the news headlines online, I came across "Blackberry in the Bedroom". As a former crackberry user, I clicked on the link. According to the story, 35% of Blackberry users would choose their PDA ("Personal Digital Assistant", NOT to be confused with "Public Display of Affection"), over their spouse in the bedroom.

As a former executive, it was not a choice. My Blackberry kept me connected to all business dealings when I could not be at four places at the same time. For this reason, I was grateful for the electronic gadget. Mostly because I could attend my child's soccer game or dance recital. My B-berry was 95% for business use. Sometimes my hubby would send me a text message letting me know that he was picking up the kids.

Our rule in the house is never to bring the PDAs to the table during meals or to bed. Although sometimes I brought the laptop to bed only when I needed to rest and elevate my elephant legs and tie up loose ends for a project that was due the next day.

I still have my B-berry but I seldom use it for emails. Personal emails from friends and family still go to my webmail account that I access from a computer. Mostly I have B-berry to instantly receive text messages from John. A reassuring sign he's still alive.
But a colleague recently shared a story where he was on a date with a girl who took out her Blackberry in the middle of dinner and starting texting. No polite forewarning "Excuse me, I am expecting an important business call or email that I will have to respond to." Is there written or unspoken etiquette on use of PDAs? Share your ideas!

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Would you choose Blackberry or your spouse in the bedroom? Post a comment, it can be anonymous!