Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Like any good blogger, not only do I write and add postings to my blog regularly, but I also browse through other blogs and if it tickles my brain, then I'll spend time reading them at length. As part of blogger etiquette, I will add it to my blog on the side bar or even spotlight it in an exclusive posting. The degree of creativity and eclectic hobbies I come across is amazing. Where do people get these wonderful ideas? Many are artists and showcase their work, especially photographers.

I recently came across a blog "Tablescaping". The title is true to its namesake. What is it? Well, it's tilling, plowing, planting and decorating table tops with plates and accessories.

Zoey is the author of this delightful blog. Tablescaping is the by product of three predecessor hobbies--dish collecting, perennial gardening, and quilting. Here's a perfect example and one of Zoey's favorite called Peach and Black Lustre. [For a larger view, click on the image below.] Her starting point was the wild animal fabric. This led to an unexpected but pleasant surprise of peach and black luster colors. The dahlias (flowers) came directly from her garden and the small pears are also real, and like the flowers, originated from her backyard tree. How convenient! Are those octagonal black dishes? How unique! It definitely adds character inbetween the layers of orange plates.

So in my brief e-interview with Zoey, I asked her if she does this only for dinner parties or for her family. No, for Zoey it's her creative outlet for anytime and not just for meal time. "I find it a good outlet when I feel the need to create something. It's so much faster than making a quilt!" So true.

Here is another example for a tablescape for Valentine's where Zoey incorporates her own handmade quilt. This is more for design than function since the quilt can acquire stains from spills of food liquids.

Personally I think it's genius that Zoey has discovered a hobby that harnesses her creative skills of colors and design, takes minimal time to create and she does not have to mastermind infinite space for storing more items in a finite home. Please take a moment to visit her blog, Tablescaping. As of today she's added a posting addressing her two minutes of fame from receiving the "Blog of Note" spotlight. Zoey is obviously a woman secure in herself and abilities and possesses a great sense of humor. Now why can't men take up quiet, steady paced hobbies versus fast cars or video games? That deserves an entire posting of its own.

Do you enjoy tablescaping? Never tried it? Next time, take a picture of your table scaping and I'll be happy to add this to my blog. After you visit Zoe's blog, please take a moment to return here and leave your comment!


Zoey said...

What a wonderful post to wake up to! Thank you for all the kind words.