Monday, March 2, 2009

Rekindling the Kindle 2

Dear Book Readers,

You may have heard or read online (see my Blog Sister's posting The new AMAZON 2 Kindle) about the firestorm surrounding the latest Kindle (What's a Kindle? It's the digital reading device for reading books. You buy the device and reading any book through Kindle. This ends the collection of hard cover or soft jacket books that pile up as quick as dust).

If you were contemplating buying the new version of Kindle, you may want to reconsider rekindling the purchase. What is the uproar about?

A special feature, the text-to-audio capability, will not be available. Apparently, Amazon has easily backed down due to pressure from the Author's Guild that audio version is a separate copyright issue.

Why has Amazon backed down so easily? It means separate fees for the consumer, and more commission for Amazon. Here's another blog by Mr. Null with more details.

Do you own a Kindle? How is the experience reading a digital screen vs. a print book? Were you considering purchasing the Kindle 2? Is the storytelling audio feature that captivating to warrant a purchase of $300+?

I still purchase the books, either used or new, and share them with friends or donate to local school or library. For me, turning the pages is part of the reading experience. If the book is oustanding, hence the expression "it's a page-turner".

Do you still plan on buying the Kindle? Share your comments below!