Thursday, May 14, 2009

Testing Products for their Commercial Claims

You've heard the claims on TV--Product A can remove any stain, Product B will make the perfect coffee, espresso, and capuccino, and Product C will do all the above and cook you dinner.
Seriously though, some products work, some a little, some NADA, ZILCH! So I like to keep tabs by watching the news stations who gladly do the testing. Today, we have four contestants:

1.Tide detergent: CLAIM: less fade after 30 washes compared to other detergents
2. Bounce fabric softenener for dryer. CLAIM: repel most pet hair
3. POPS-A-DENT. CLAIM: This is the gizmo that claims to pop a ding in your car back into perfect car body shape.
4. Tempura mattress that minimized motion from transferring throughout the bed when you move so as not to disturb your sleeping mate.

Watch this four minute segment on Good Morning America to see which products lived up to their claim or promise!

Have you tried any of these products against other name brands or generic brand? Share with us by leaving a comment below!