Friday, February 12, 2010

Homes for Abandoned Chihuahuas

First it was the dalmations after the movie 101 Dalmations aired. Families flocked to adopt the cute black and white spotted dogs. But little did they know about their personalities and their high energy levels which require regular exercise. Many dalmations were returned to shelters. And they kept on coming.

Now California is experiencing an explosion of Chihuahuas no doubt influenced by celebrities toting their tiny friends a-la-Legally Blonde-type of accessory. There's also the Taco Bell commercial, Paris Hilton paparazzi photos capturing her chic chihuahua, and the movie featuring the cutest dog, Beverly Hills Chihuahua (my kids have watched this movie 12 times--my daughter is still counting).

First, it's amazing how many people do not take the time to research the type of dog they are going to adopt. Dogs, cats, any pet animal is a responsibility, and not a toy. The good news in California, the Home Sweet Home Campaign is working. To learn the whole story, click below for the segment on ABC's Nightline. A happy ending.