Friday, April 9, 2010

Eating Habits - a Needed Revolution in the U.S.

As a mother of three children, and who has witnessed relatives pass away from complications originating with obesity, I am so thrilled to see First Lady Michelle Obama and Jamie Oliver from England spearhead the issue of child obesity. It is an epidemic in this country.

This is not a political issue. It's a health issue! Ironically, as a nation that leads in health technology we have the highest rate of heart disease, cancer and a host of other illnesses. It boils down to our lifestyle.

While I applaud Michelle Obama's chosen cause, I have to disagree with the President to place the burden on healthcare reform on insurance companies. They are but one-tenth of the solution. What about the accountability of the American people? I have to agree with Dr. Oz that we all bear some responsibility in making changes. No one is forcing us to eat foods with exorbitant sodium, high fat and processed carbohydrates with little to no nutritional value.

Granted, habits are difficult to change. I hear other mothers arguing "Who are you to tell me I should not give soda to my kids everyday?" Well the mother encouraging the change is aware of the dangers of feeding our children with high contents of sugar and processed foods--diabetes is a big one.

Speaking of habits, that's where Jamie Oliver comes in. My pouring passion is from watching his show right now. Alleluia. This country does need him. Who cares that he's from another country. We need to emulate other countries that know how to eat freshly prepared food. We need more high profile people and celebrities coming forward on this issue!!!

I pray this course escalates and we effect the eating habits of our children.

Want to take action? Click here for Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.