Monday, November 28, 2011

Eat more Kale or Chikin?

Can you believe that Chick-fil-A is pressuring a folk artist over the slogan "Eat More Kale"? Why? Good question! I call it another example of the "death of common sense"!

Fast food chicken giant, Chick-fil-A has slogan "Eat Mo' Chikin" and claims they are protecting "intellectual property" (Really?!) and is pressuring Vermont man, Bo Muller-Moore to cease from printing "Eat More Kale" on t-shirts and shut down his website Moore's stance on kale has nothing to do with chicken and everything to do with the root vegetable.

 In a letter, a lawyer for Chick-fil-A said Muller-Moore's effort to expand the use of his "eat more kale" message "is likely to cause confusion of the public and dilutes the distinctiveness of Chick-fil-A's intellectual property and diminishes its value."

So here are my questions:
First, who's going to confuse kale with chicken? One's a vegetable, the other a poultry.
Besides, Chick-fil-A purposely misspells words as if cows are illiterate and can't write. But Bo spells out every word correctly. Or how about "Eat Moore Kale" and use his last name! Now there's a solution. But Chick-fil-A may claim that the phrase "Eat Mo" anything is there creation. What if my mother keeps telling me to "eat more veggies"? Or starts leaving me stickies ? in writing?! Ok so it's not for mass media. But what if my mother won the lottery and produced and paid for billboards and TV commercials directed to me to take better care of myself and "eat more veggies"? Trust me she would!

For a company that closes on Sundays so employees can be with their families, yet they still make a tidy profit, where is the value in Chick-fil-A beating down a single, hard-working American who's focus is helping agriculture and community-supported farmer's markets?

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