Friday, June 24, 2011

Kirstie Allie's Organic Weight Loss

If you follow the actress, Kirstie Allie, or the hit show Dancing with the Stars and had a thumb on the pulse of her weight loss goals, then it was no surprise that Kirstie, dubbed the "Fat Actress", would launch her own program for shedding the pounds.

Sure, we knew she was going to lose significant weight on the dancing show, especially since she lasted to the final round.  Kirstie lost 90 pounds. One-third of that weight she lost during the dance show. The other 60 pound loss is through her fresh and real approach.

What's different about her program? Kirstie has gone organic. Is this something new? No. But this program is branded with Kirstie's name. Yes another weight loss product created by a celebrity. Nothing wrong with that concept--it's a free country and another revenue source.  The beauty of this country. But look at her now. She's done it and good for her.

Does it work? Well I confess I've tried a few programs and honestly, I learned that each human body is different. Some respond better to certain food regiments, for example avoiding breads/pasta, others like the grapefruit diet, there's the soup diet, the South Beach diet,  the Atkins diet and my diet--the tuna and pineapple diet--that's tuna in the day and pineapple in the evening. It could be a tuna salad, tuna sandwich, tuna with crackers. Now I do eat other foods but when I'm busy (which is  most of the time)  that's my Fast food--fast to prepare, quick to eat and it's light! But that's at lunch and dinner, is a homecooked meal for the entire family.

But EVERYONE benefits from exercise! Kirstie did!

Visit her website and to see her photos and get a FREE copy of her book, Body Game.


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