Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Facts of Life

What girl my age didn't watch this series and identify with one of the members. Were you more like beautiful bombshell Blair or portly Natalie (with all due affection) or tomboy Jo or cutie Tooty? Wait there missing the traditional nerd. Yes I definitely identified with Blair who was not always taken seriously. People judge on looks and if you're beautiful and smile a lot, the assumption is that we're dumb blondes. Which means we have to work extra hard to prove we're pretty AND smart.

Did you know that Lisa Whelchel, the actress who played Blair was a born-again Christian and refused to play the scene where she is the first girl to lose her virginity? Good for her! I wonder how many actresses out there forgo their personal values to land a role? How many are comfortable disrobing, appearing nude, or acting violent?

Yes someone has to play these roles but I hope actors who have strong beliefs stand up for them.

Are there any quality programs for teens that doesn't involve sex, drugs, violence or vampires? TV Land is our favorite channel although my eldest wants to watch the blood sucking vampires. With a growing number of bad influences, it gets harder each day to teach and discipline our children and teach good from bad.

Good Morning America featured the reunion this morning and here's the link to photos then and now.
Enjoy the journey back in time.