Thursday, July 9, 2009

Do You Remember Nancy Drew?

Smart, logical and courageous are all attributes that describe a female heroine many of us baby boomers read about and aspired to. I'm talking about Nancy Drew. Remember the young, smart, sleuth who often solved a case before the police? Of course you do! I loved her!

Little did I know that the Nancy Drew series was born in 1930, a decade after women gained the right to vote in the United States.

She was my heroine and apparently that of many female leaders including Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, and the soon-to-be inducted Supreme Court justice, Sotomayor, according to a report this morning on Good Morning America [CLICK HERE FOR THE STORY].

The segment brings up an excellent point--how young women today point to singing artists as Beyonce, Brittany Spears, and Paris Hilton as their role model. Oh how standards have evolved with this generation. As the reporter mentions, maybe these celebrities will take a page from Nancy Drew and show that smarts as much as sass is appealing and attractive.

I certainly can't wait for my little girl to start reading the Nancy Drew series. And you know, it's been long while since I've read the books, but I plan to rediscover them along with my daughter and we can have our own informal book club and share something special.

Which story was your favorite Nancy Drew story? Do you remember?

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