Friday, December 12, 2008

Santa May Get More than Lump of Coal

Looks like that winter storm which started in Northern Virginia over the cancellation of a popular Santa gathered momentum. A suprising or not-so-surprising announcement by Santa's publicist (only in the USA) stated a mutual agreement may be reached. News spread across the nation and both the management company of Tyson's Corner and World Wide Photography admitted it was not the best decision for the long-time customers. Looks like the Grinch will not succeed and steal Christmas.

LESSON LEARNED: if you lose your current job you can secure one, and earn the deed to Santa's workshop or Cinderalla's castle, as a favorite, fictional character especially if your physical features match the real character and you genuinely love kids.

This gives me an idea--I could be Mrs. Santa- wide girth, chubby cheeks and a nurturing spirit. [Alicia]

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