Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rubber Duckies cause Penis Shrinking

Could this be true?

As a mother of three young children who love to take baths and shrivel like raisins while playing with the rubber ducks and other bathtub toys, this is no laughing matter. Apparently some toys such as rubber ducks, are made from phthalates, a substance found in plastics. According to one research, chewing on these toys can impact shrinking penises or "descended testicles". The U.S. government is banning all toys with the toxin beginning next year.

"Dr. Swan's research, conducted on 106 boys from Los Angeles, Columbus, Missouri and Minnesota, ...found pregnant women with the highest amount of phthalates were markedly more likely to give birth to boys who had shorter anogenital distances."

My main question: What about pacifiers?

My next question is: Should adult men be concerned too? Will the macho world be ruled by plastics? Well, I will just have to go through John's "treasure chest" and discard his "toys" that are made of soft plastic.

In the meantime, I never allow my children to put anything in their mouth if it's not food (at least in my presence). Thankfully they are beyond the pacifier stage.

Read the article and decide for yourself. As always, BLOG SISTERS encourages readers to do more research and consult with scientific journals and not just unknown blog postings.